Oana Barbonie

visual reporter

Oana Barbonie calls herself a visual reporter who happened to be the visual editor of DoR (dor.ro) for more than two years. Prior to that, she worked as the art director of Școala9, an online magazine focused on Romanian education, and she coordinated or helped with her experience for many other projects, including a comic book illustrated by teenagers.

She sees the role of a visual editor as an essential binder between text and image, which is the best place for experiment, and through that, for the illustrated story. That's why her work involves almost every format you can think of: from collages, to photography, video, drawing and writing -- all to create meaningful visual breaks, as she refers to her work.

Oana studied journalism at the University of Bucharest, and she later learned about visual anthropology during her master's degree at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration.

Her mission? To help people tell their stories and implicitly to learn from them and anyone else how to tell hers better: hence her role as a visual editor, or as a visual artist for various artistic projects or her role during the workshops she runs, where invites people of all ages to tell their story visually through play and visual experiments.