The idea for this event was brewed in Bucharest by our studio, Atelierul de grafică. But since January, when we started moving things, it turned into a teamwork so the event is ours, everyone's.



Bucharest Graphic Days has two content categories. A category put together by us in collaboration with cultural institutes, third parties or graphic artists. The second category contains graphics works received from a CALL FOR ENTRY.



Between the 1st and 15th of October 2022


After 2 years of sitting at home, it's time to move things, to get out of the numbness we are in. For us, for others and especially for those who are catching up and following us. We want to point the finger at those who do things in Bucharest and country wide.



We have a few cubic meters of printed plastic from previous exhibitions, stored in our shop. We want to use as little plastic as possible at this event. We will replace it as much as possible with paper, cardboard. We will recycle. There will be no printed poliplan at Bucharest Graphic Days. Maybe some stencils on Bucharest’s sidewalks. We rely on the online and the word of mouth. We're all pretty good at this.



In exhibition halls, in studios, maybe on the street. Cervantes Institute, National Museum of Romanian Literature, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Hungarian Center - Liszt, Cărturești Attic Verona, Czech Center, OAR - Bucharest, A5 Studio Space.


There is a CALL FOR ENTRY button above in the main menu. There are many ways in which you can be part of this. You can take part with an exhibition, with a workshop, with a talk, with a work in the poster sections. Or even as a partner or sponsor. Just choose something and let us know.