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10.00 – 10.55


ATOMA – Consumerism in Street Art

ATOMA approaches and criticizes the impact that technology and (social/mass)-media have on society and on each individuals. They have grafted themselves into society’s DNA, contaminating and causing mutations that may be irreversible. The impact of the media and social media risks diverting and subordinating social relations, falsifying reality (by idealizing it in a commercial key and by leveling it „glossy”), (social/mass)-media infiltrating between the individual and the context, abusing himself in the position of „necessary” mediator, but, in fact, often manipulative.

11.00 – 11.55

Bogdan Dumitrache

BOGDAN DUMITRACHE – Talk about Guide of Good Practices, as an annex to the new Regulation of commercial advertising.

Because the facades in Sectorul 6 of Bucarest are loaded with oversized commercial signboards, banners and meshes in an aggressive competition (which creates an unsightly image of the streets) S6 City Hall decided to publish a Guide of Good Practices, as an annex to the new Regulation of commercial advertising, which imposes necessary limits on size and content.
To help entrepreneurs design competent commercial signage, the Guide contains – in a visual and accessible way – the identification of current issues, available technologies, a guide to  graphics composition, colors and fonts usage, and examples of graphical solutions in accordance with the new Regulation.

12.00 – 12.55

Rudolf Graef

RUDOLF GRAEF – Public space visible and invisible information.

Public space is dominated by visible and invisible information. In turn, it is a perfect informant that brings together the data we want as marketing departments, public administration, information services, etc. The visual component is meanwhile the decorative more than the functional part of this ubiquitous public space and yet only a fragment of the media reality in which we live. How information from the public sphere is connected in our perception, how it becomes signs and how we read it is a complex field of research deep in semiotics and which we will try to approach from perspectives other than those of architecture.

13.00 – 13.55

Alexandru Ciubotariu

ALEXANDRU CIUBOTARIU – Perception on public space

Street art is a relatively recent product in general and very recent in Romania. Perceptions are extremely different and controversial. Both from the point of view of the artists who produce them, and from the point of view of those who receive them. In general, public space is a wrong (or not enough) understood territory. We will go through some of these problems together with Ciubi.

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