Tuan Nini – curator at Bucharest Graphic Days, first edition

 Tuan Nini – curator at Bucharest Graphic Days, first edition

Curator of illustration section, Nini is in charge with two importants events of our first edition of Bucharest Graphic Days: the exhibition How we work (more here), and the TALK DAY of illustration. (more here)

An editorial illustration is an illustration made to visually express the idea behind the text or content it accompanies. In this exhibition we have a selection of 8 projects from 8 illustrators, where we will see the brief and process, the relationship between illustrator and commissioner, and how the final work is implemented in the final published material.

Tuan Nini came to Bucharest from Malaysia in 2006 to study at Unarte. After graduating, she works as an illustrator collaborating with  advertising agencies, publishers and production houses from Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, and the U.S. Her work has been published by DOR, Condé Nast, Time Inc, and Great Star Shanghai, and she is currently working on a fully illustrated middle-grade book with Simon & Schuster.

Nini explores time and human gesture in her work in frame-by-frame animation, and the art of visual storytelling in her comics describing her daily life observations.

She loves learning from other creatives, appreciating the individual perspective and personal journey yet inevitable universality of creative work across visual art, music, writing, and dance.. 

As a break from visual work, Nini entertains herself by making tunes on the piano, despite having declared to her dad when she was 8 years old,  “I’ll never touch the piano again”. Dad, of course, knew her better.