The World After - Poster exhibition

Curators Olga Severina, Donna Jackson

In partnership with PosterTerritory - California, selector Ciprian N. Isac

The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the greatest health disasters of the last hundred years. Mutilated by this calamity populations changed. The proposed exhibition is the outcome of a world wide call and reflects how artists imagine the world after Covid – will things return to normal, have we overcome this moment or is change going to persist?

The exhibited posters are made in a wide variety of techniques and artistic visions and will cover a wide range of topics, from those related to health issues to human behavior in all forms of manifestation during the pandemic period. You will see contemporary trends in modern poster design, color, style and visual narrative.

The exhibition will include a selection of about 50 works by artists from around the world, including Bondar Vitaly, Maia Libardo, Ginard Erik, Maorco Natolli, Grudzinska Karolina, Patrycja Longawa, Kovalenko Victor, Barkin Oktay, Peng Jun from the following countries: Belarus, China, Columbia, Cuba, Franța, Indonezia, Iran, Mexic, Polonia, Rusia, Ucraina, Uruguay, Turcia etc

Visiting time:
Monday – Friday 10 – 17

Exhibition hall: Order of Architects - Bucharest, 32 Sf. Constantin street

The exhibition will be open between: 01.10 – 10.10.2022. Monday – Friday 10 – 17