Ovidiu Hrin

Calligrapher artist & graphic designer

Throughout his career Ovidiu developed a close relationship with imperfection and in his case the creative process is an integrated part of the end product. Honesty towards oneself, undisguised interest in the client's wishes and owning the designers communicative role are the principles that guide his work. Hrin founded the Synopsis™ graphic design office in 2001, specialising in CD covers, posters, logos, but also complex communication and orientation systems that stand out through visual humour, irony and a playful approach to visual clichés..
In 2011 he founded Typopassage Timişoara - a network of micro-museums placed in the public space meant for posters, graphic design and the letter modelling art. With these actions Ovidiu aimed to emphasise in the public's eye the importance of graphic design and typography as mandatory features of the cultural space where these are used as main means of communication.