Anna Júlia Benczédi


Anna Júlia Benczédi (b. 1986) is an illustrator and comic book artist. For the past 10 years she has worked together with Deveo Studio, an illustration and animation studio from Cluj-Napoca, on various editorial and advertising projects – from board games and picture books, to video explainers and interactive comics apps – for clients including Les Éditions Passe-Temps, Terre des hommes and Gribouille éducatif.
She is the artist behind the award winning graphic novel Știma apelor, which she creates in collaboration with Maria Surducan (writer). Anna wants to explore some part of that vast new media territory and create her own AR comic book experience, VR story, infinite canvas narrative to see how far the medium of comics will stretch. Anna is a wannabe digital nomad based in Cluj-Napoca. She sometimes plays the fiddle.