Radu Vucea – How to build a successful design career with no design skills.

We invite Radu Vucea to be part of our first edition of Bucharest Graphic Days. He will be one of the speakers at TALK DAY, based on UX Design, beside Ana Oarga and Raz Burciu from Just Mad – Cluj. More details here

Radu is a Design Executive with over 17 years in the tech industry. From building products for the likes of Adobe and Fitbit, touching millions of users, to getting his hands dirty in fast-paced start-ups, his expertise covers a broad spectrum of skills, setups, and products.”

As individual contributors, we often focus entirely on our craft, while completely ignoring what may be the most important factor in our success, human skills. Gone are the times when simply doing great design work was enough. In a world of increasing collaboration, at least 50%, if not more, of our success, will depend on skills that have nothing to do with design. Find out what those are during this talk at Bucharest Graphic Days.