Delia Petrescu

Arhitect Petrescu Press

Letterpress Workshop with Delia and Petrescu Tudor – Petrescu Press, Sibiu

(event in progress)
During the workshop, the participants will create a letterpress work, under the guidance of the teachers. A 35×45 cm letterpress poster, or a 10×15 cm card, using letters, ornaments (non-printing elements) of metal and wood, measured with a typographic ruler, picked up from the printing house with the help of the collector, placed and closed with blockers in the printing chassis prepared for printing. Each participant will individually print his composition, on the Hohner manual proofing press or on the Adana platen press, in two copies, with the paper and inks of the workshop, with the possibility of choosing 2 colors.

The number of people we work with is 15. The age of the people should be between 6 and 99+. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. All participants will be trained to use printing tools and equipment.

day 1 – woodcut technical presentation, the concept of typeface, text montage
day 2 – individual poster printing

LEVEL: any level
REQUIREMENTS: CV + intention letter

– screen printed cotton bag
– 50×70 letterpress printed event poster, numbered, signed
– paper and printing inks

(the event is in progress, it will be finalized around september 15)