Wendsday 12 october, 2022


18,00 – 18.55

Bianca Dumitrașcu

BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU – The Character of Letters

Bianca will share with us her experience with letters as a user (graphic designer) and creator (lettering & type design). She will tell us about letters’ multiple voices, shapes, and personalities and how they can benefit or harm a written message. The presentation will focus on the rational and practical arguments we need in the process of choosing a typeface according to our needs.

19,00 – 19.55

Renia Maj

RENIA MAJ– Letters and buildings

Renia will talk about her experience at Traffic Design Studio and about the signs and principles of composing letters for the public space.

20.00 – 20.55

Andrei Ogradă

ANDREI OGRADĂ –Ograda.Co foundry

I will talk about my perspective on owning and running a digital foundry / studio. The daily reality; Running projects or ones still waiting to be launched. The importance of handwriting; The wonders of a schedule and how enriching a mentoring program can be.
Ograda Type Company SRL (Ograda.Co) is a decision to slow down and continue doing what I love.

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