15 September - 15 October, WHITE FLAT Gallery – str. Witing 42



„Les dames de Bucarest” was born out of the need to draw. Maybe for some, drawing is a pleasure, but for me, it has always been a necessity. It’s just like eating. I can live without it for a while, but not for long. I don’t enjoy every meal as much, but I eat anyway.
On January 1, 2021, I set out to draw a woman I meet on the streets of Bucharest every day for a year. I was trying to take my daily dose of drawing exercise and accomplish an older idea. An idea that, if it failed to die in 4 years, means it is worthy of being followed. „

The project consists of 365 drawings, some more elaborate, others made faster, depending on the daily mood of the author. Les dames de Bucarest is yet another way to document the rather bizarre year 2021. A year about which we will remember that something indefinite was floating in the air, a year in which I did not understand if the pandemic was over or not, whether it smelled of war or not yet. The 365 randomly chosen women live their lives without knowing that they will be immortalized in a drawing. The author wanted them to remain anonymous. She wanted to tell their story only through lines and spots. The way she perceived it from a glance and a quick photo. Thus was born a collection of drawings that take you through a multitude of graphic techniques – from ink, watercolor, and pastel, to liquid charcoal, water-soluble graphite, and colored pencils. From black and white to explosive colors.

Opening Thursday, 15 september, 18.00h
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WHITE FLAT Gallery – str. Witing 42​