October first, Cărturești, str. Pictor Arthur Verona, 13-15

1 October2022, Cărturești Verona Atik

Dovlecii Kusamei – atelier despre Yayoi Kusama și grafica Pop Art

Profesor/ Livia Rus – profesor at Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism „Ion Mincu”, București

„Kusama’s Pumpkins” is a fun, educational workshop about the Yayoi Kusama and Pop Art style. We will discuss about commercial graphics, book illustrations and art installations. After that, the children will make an artistic experiment by drawing colored pumpkins in Kusama’s style.

Ms. Yayoi Kusama is one of the most famous Pop Art artists. She is 93 years old and she is an appearance that certainly nobody can not forget, just like her work of art, which continues to fascinate us, and is reenacted at museums around the world.

Because pumpkins play an important role in Ms. Kusama’s creation, and because the workshop is in October, when pumpkins and pumpkin-pies are tastier, we will draw one of „Kusama’s pumpkins.”
Participants will have at their disposal: colored paper, graphite pencil, black marker, scissors, glue and the advices of the workshop’s instructor. It is recommended that you bring a bottle of sticky patience and a pack of colorful smiles from home.
We will be waiting for you at Cărturești, Saturday, 1st of October, 11:30 a.m.

Participants will be encouraged to work as freely and creatively as possible.

The children will receive individual feedback from the coordinator.

Where:  Cărturești Verona Bookshop, str. Pictor Arthur Verona nr. 13-15
When: October 1, 2022, 11.00h
Maximum number of participants: 10
Recommended age: 6+ years
Duration: 1 days x 2h
Technique: coloured drawing on paper or cardboard
Theme: Kusama’s Pumpkins

Costs: donation 60 lei (12 Eu)/ child
All materials are included in the participation fee.

Donate 12 Eu on the buton below and sent the name of the child and proof of payment here.