October 1st – 15th 2022

How We Work: An exhibition of 8 editorial illustration projects and the process behind them.

Curator/ Tuan Nini

An editorial illustration is an illustration made to visually express the idea behind the text or content it accompanies. In this exhibition we have a selection of 8 projects from 8 illustrators, where we will see the brief and process, the relationship between illustrator and commissioner, and how the final work is implemented in the final published material.
For each project, there is a short interview to further delve into the decision making process of the illustrator for that particular project and how it relates to their overall creative practice. The selection is a mix between established, and up-and-coming illustrators, and different types of publications.


Open, every day 17 – 20

A5 Studio Space - Strada Piața Amzei 5, București