20 October – 17 November, Bucharest

GRAPHIC DAYS 2023 will take place in


Bucharest Graphic Days is the first ever hotchpotch of posters, illustrations, drawings, fonts and talks to bring together those of us trying to navigate a sea of garbage, searching, speculating, daring to hope that the discarded scraps of tinfoil we find today will tomorrow become a beautiful kite soaring above our heads.

Bucharest Graphic Days is a market place that for the first time will see us – the members of a profession of colossal egos and diminutive achievements – crowding around the stalls. It will, we hope, provide us with platforms, exhibition spaces, podiums, stages, meeting points and points of sale, allowing us to rub shoulders, to show our works, to able to compare and contrast, and to make things happen. At least something. Creatively, technically, all in good taste. 

Bucharest Graphic Days is the culmination of a lot of hard work – precisely because what it seeks to achieve is not easy. We don’t want to entertain, we don’t want to offer a quality time; instead we want to challenge you to become aware of the phenomenon of graphic design today and to appreciate it in its many different guises: an artform, a communications tool, a form of protest, etc.

If we hold our nerves and are able to dislodge even a single pebble and move it in the right direction, then our job is done. Want to be part of it?

How is the access?

By donating you are lending a helping hand to the production and promotion of the exhibitions and talks that make up Bucharest Graphic Days. Recommended donation: 25 lei (5 euros). Pupils/students 15 lei (3 euro).

This donation also comes with a 15% discount for all the drinks ordered at our partner and official hub of the festival – Echoes
(Dianei St. No. 11, formerly Have a Cigar)

Your donation gives you free access to all our events (with the exception of the workshops)


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