suturday, 8 october 2022, 11.00


The conference will be in romanian

11.00 – 11.50

Ciprian N. Isac

CIPRIAN N. ISAC – Multilingual book design

Multilingual books raise diverse issues depending on their typology (literature, consultancy, technical, etc.): from font selection, to navigation, to rhythm, to indexing. Not claiming to have found the perfect formula but only as a graphic designer who has made many books in several languages, Ciprian will try to approach all the problems he has encountered while making bilingual or trilingual books.

12.00 – 12.55

Ovidiu Hrin

OVIDIU HRIN – Design for music

Ovidiu will go into detail and talk about fitting the design (as a process) to match the match the subject – in this case the music. How does the working context play a decisive role in the subject’s final form? in which you work have decisive power over the final form assigned to the subject? The transfer process, the surprise element in the final product and finally the design as a communication means will be some of the important points touched at the conference.

13.00 – 13.55

Miloš  Jovanović

Miloš Jovanović – Anxiety & more

Miloš will talk about HOW NOT TO MAKE A MILLION AND FEEL OK ABOUT IT… fix your anxiety with creativity and other stories..

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