No. Many of the events are still work in progress. And some of the content is still to be received after the CALL FOR ENTRY. Probably at the beginning of September 2022, 90% of the events will be agreed upon and finalized.

In the first two weeks of October – October 1st to 15th, 2022

There is no central exhibition. Bucharest Graphic Days will take place in several locations and galleries in Bucharest. The full program will be displayed soon.

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You can be part of our events (except workshops) by making a (recommended) donation of
– 15 lei (3 Eur)
Pupils/ students: 5 lei (1Eur).
By donating you are helping with the exhibitions and conferences production of Bucharest Graphic Days.

No. The name only reflects the city where it takes place. We have guests from all over Romania and from abroad.

We’re glad you’re asking. We have a special section all about it, click HERE

It’s about graphics, divided into two categories. The first category (workshops, exhibitions, talks) is prepared by us or in partnership with cultural institutions. The second contains works and projects coming in after a CALL FOR ENTRY

This is not a common question. If you’re still here and you’re interested, please reach out to us. We will be happy to talk to you about it.


The calligraphy workshop lasts 2 days x 6 hours and costs 255 lei. This includes the B-Graphic Days gift package, including a printed tote bag, the signed event poster, a calligraphic working kit. Seats are limited to 15. (the event is still work in progress, final details are available after July 15th)

We are still working on the events. We will have a program available after September 15th

The CALL FOR ENTRY will be open for 35 days starting August 1st