Ioana Sopov


Ioana Șopov is a Romanian illustrator and animator with a little over 13 years experience in the field. Her illustration career began in advertising and editorial projects and expanded to include animation and motion graphics not long after. A passion for video games rooted in childhood years spent playing games like Starcraft, Caesar III and Monkey Island in her family's internet&games cafe in the early 2000's grew into a strong desire to create a game herself. In 2018 that desire grew into the shape of an idea, developed alongside her partner Rareș, which ultimately took the shape of Bear & Breakfast - a casual management adventure game. Launched in July 2022 after being in development for almost three years, Bear & Breakfast is Ioana's first official foray into game development and a truly challenging but also rewarding experience that crystalized Ioana's desire to continue on the path of indie game development going forward.