The idea of doing that event in Romania belongs to Graphic Front studio, in Bucharest. However, since January, when we first began working on this project, everything became so multi-collaborative that it became a matter of “ours, everyone’s”.



Bucharest Graphic Days will feature two types of content. The first is curated by us in collaboration with various cultural institutes and other bodies and graphic artists. The second consists of works submitted by fellow professionals as part of a CALL FOR ENTRIES. We have also drawn on our experience of organising similar events in the past. Both the good and the bad. If necessary, we’ll change everything next year, so the second edition will be much better.



The first two weeks of October. More precisely, 1-15 October 2022.


After two years stuck at home, it’s time to get the wheels turning again, to snap out of the lethargic state we find ourselves in. For us, for others and above all for those who will come after us. We want to dust things down, to polish the bodywork and fill up the tank. And of course to celebrate those making things happen in Bucharest and other cities.


The environment?

We have a good few cubic metres of printed plastic leftover from previous exhibitions. We want this event to use as little plastic as possible. So where feasible we’ll be using paper and cardboard. We will choose materials that can be reused. You won’t find any printed polyester banners at Bucharest Graphic Days. Perhaps the odd stencil on the crumbling pavements and streets of Bucharest. Otherwise, we’ll be relying on online promotion and good old word of mouth. We’re all pretty at good that kind of thing.



At various locations around the city, in the exhibition spaces of cultural institutes, various studios, maybe in the street. The Cervantes Institute, the National Museum of Romanian Literature, the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, The Liszt Institute, Mansarda Cărturești Verona, the Czech Centre, OAR Bucharest, A5 Studio Space.

Want to be part of it?

There’s a CALL FOR ENTRIES button in the main menu above. There you will find out about the different ways you can become part of Bucharest Graphic Days. You can participate with an exhibition, a workshop, a presentation under the Talks section or with a work in the poster, books and illustrations sections. Or even as a partner or sponsor. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We might be able to involve you in our event.