Ovidiu Hrin

Calligrapher artist & graphic designer

6 – 7 October 2022, OARB, the attic – str. Sf. Constantin nr. 32, 10.00 am

Calligraphy Workshop with Ovidiu Hrin – Synopsis, Timișoara. 2 days x 6 hours

For two days will focus on training the participants to create a work using texts (poetry, lyrics) and calligraphic writing, under the guidance of the coordinator. Participants (preferably with a basic knowledge of calligraphy) will use their artistic expression and the knowledge gained in the workshop to create a work of their own. The content is their choice. It is recommended to select themes related to urban culture and memory. Participants can select or prepare in advance a fragment (poem, quote, etc.) that represents them, of their free choice.

– Practicing calligraphic writing, under the guidance of the coordinator
– Acquiring knowledge and practical information in order to create a calligraphic work (use of techniques, types of writing, preparing the writing board, terms of composition, etc.)

– Examples and recommendations on different calligraphy techniques and tools (parallel pen, pen, pen, ink, paper) to explore the possibilities of calligraphy (some knowledge of the basics of calligraphy is recomandable)

– Practicing the conception and independent creation of a calligraphy work

– Technical and artistic feedback and coordination

day 1 – (calligraphy workshop – 1/2) – presentation of techniques, concepts, coordination
day 2 – (calligraphy workshop – 2/2) – coordination, feedback, guidance of participants

LEVEL: entry level
DURATION: 2 days X 6 hours

COST: 255 lei (52Eu)

REQUIREMENTS: CV + letter of intent

Bucharest Graphic Days package:
– screen printed cotton bag
– Calligraphy Kit (paper, case + nib 3 mm, ink pen, pencil, eraser, ruler kit)

OAR – str. Sf. Constantin nr 32