A5 Studio Space How We Work: An exhibition of 8 editorial illustration projects and the process behind them.

Project Manager/ Tuan Nini

An editorial illustration is an illustration made to visually express the idea behind the text or content it accompanies. In this exhibition we have a selection of 8 projects from 8 illustrators, where we will see the brief and process, the relationship between illustrator and commissioner, and how the final work is implemented in the final published material. For each project, there is a short interview to further delve into the decision making process of the illustrator for that particular project and how it relates to their overall creative practice. The selection is a mix between established, and up-and-coming illustrators, and different types of publications.

EXHIBITION HALL: ORDER OF ARHITECTS BUCHAREST The World After – In partnership with PosterTerritory, California

Curators: Olga Severina, Donna Jackson selector Ciprian N. Isac

The exhibition will include a selection of about 50 works by artists from around the world, including Bondar Vitaly, Maia Libardo, Ginard Erik, Maorco Natolli, Grudzinska Karolina, Patrycja Longawa, Kovalenko Victor, Barkin Oktay, Peng Jun from the following countries: Belarus, China, Columbia, Cuba, Franța, Indonezia, Iran, Mexic, Polonia, Rusia, Ucraina, Uruguay, Turcia etc

AVENUE: TO BE ANOUNCED Bosnian War Posters – In partnership with Daoud Sarhandi

Selector – Levente Benedek

The includes a selection of about 50 posters published last year in the book Bosnian War Posters.
Daoud Sarhandi, the author tells us among others: The collection of posters was not easy, it took me and my research assistant, Alina Wolfe Murray, a year, between the end of 1997 and the end of 1998. The research involved countless travel trips through the war-torn country. Artists often worked alone and many emigrated during the war, taking the works with them. We only managed to find some of them.

LOC: Goethe Institute The winning titles of the most prestigious book design competition in Germany - 2021, 2022 editions

Curators/ Ioana Gruenwald, Ciprian N. Isac

Bucharest Graphic Days in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Bucharestwill exhibit the winning titles of the most prestigious book design competition in Germany – the 2021, 2022 editions, between October 1-15 in the Goethe-Institut Bucharest Library

MUZEUM OF THE ROMANIAN PEASANT Plakat-Polska – poster exhibition. In partnership with the Polish Institute

Project Coordinator/ Carla Duschka

The artist Ryszard Kaja created between 2012–2019 at the invitation of the Polish Poster Gallery in Wrocław an exceptional series of posters dedicated to the geographical and cultural diversity of Poland. The result was an unconventional way of promoting different areas and peculiarities of Poland, avoiding any kind of pathetic clichés and messages but communicating warmly, discreetly and often times humorously the pride and attachment to one’s own country. Thanks to the Polish Institute in Bucharest, we can enjoy a consistent selection of posters from this series, exhibited now for the first time in Romania.

CARTUREȘTI VERONA ATTIC Story characters - Book illustration exhibition

Project managers/ Ana Niculescu, Ciprian N. Isac

Cărturești in collaboration with Atelierul de grafică proposes an exhibition dedicated to both Romanian illustrators and publishers. Too little promoted, this illustrator-editor tandem is often left behind and overshadowed by other works perhaps more commercial and more spectacular purchased from abroad.
The books / drawings we are talking about are part of our artistic culture addressed to the masses. They revive, after many years, an artistic phenomenon of performances in the field of illustrated books, awarded at major book fairs in the world, started in the 60’s and blurred for various economic and political reasons, around twenty decades, from the early 1980s to the 2000s.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF LITERATURE Illustrated book exhibition – private collection

Project coordinator Carla Duschka

A special exhibition within Bucharest Graphic Days: children’s illustrated book – a selection of various exemplary titles made in the second half of the twentieth century. The exhibition highlights some of Romanian illustration most important names from the 60s to the 90s: Val Munteanu, Eugen Taru, Vasile Olac, Done Stan, Silviu Băiaș and others.

15 September - 15 October, WHITE FLAT Gallery – str. Witing 42



“Les dames de Bucarest” was born out of the need to draw. Maybe for some, drawing is a pleasure, but for me, it has always been a necessity. It’s just like eating. I can live without it for a while, but not for long. I don’t enjoy every meal as much, but I eat anyway.
On January 1, 2021, I set out to draw a woman I meet on the streets of Bucharest every day for a year. I was trying to take my daily dose of drawing exercise and accomplish an older idea. An idea that, if it failed to die in 4 years, means it is worthy of being followed. “

Opening Thursday, 15 september, 18.00h
Facebook event here

Wendsday, 12 october 2022, Str. Gina Patrichi nr. 8  


Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center Bucharest Gina Patrichi 8.

The Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center Bucharest presents within Bucharest Graphic Days the works of Antal Jánosi, Csaba Lestyán, Részegh Botond and Ferenc Siklódy at the exhibition 4 – graphic artists from Ciuc. Miercurea Ciuc and its surroundings determined the development and artistic fulfillment of the graphic artists presented, but they also significantly influence the development and evolution of the artistic life of this region.

Instituto Cervantes, Bd. Regina Elisabeta 38, 1-15 October  


Cervantes Institute collection

The exhibition presents a number of illustrated pages and original drawings made in various techniques (etching, pointe seche, intaglio, etc.) extracted from the volumes:
– Soria, by Gerardo de Diego, illustrated by Cirilo Martínez Novillo, Rembrandt Gallery Alicante, 1981, limited edition of 220 copies
– Coplas por la muerte de su padre, by Jorge Manrique, with engravings in mezzotint, intaglio and pointe sèche by Orlando Pelayo, Ediciones de Arte y Bilioteca, Madrid, 1979

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