1-15 October – Casa Radio

Audio adventures in comic strips

Project Coordinator Alexandru Ciubotariu

In partnership with Casa Radio Publishing House

(Event in progress)

Casa Radio publishing house, coordinated by Alexandru Ciubotariu. Through sketches, original drawings, comic book sequences, cutouts, we will manage to unveil these illustrated books. Started more than 10 years ago, this collection of picture books is basically the transposition of some radio plays into comics. For the first time, the stories will be covered frame by frame both visually and audio, being basically a comic strip with a remastered soundtrack.

Among the designers of this collection who interacted with these characters of the great stories, we mention the following, well known artists or young rising artists: Puiu Manu, Mircea Arapu, Lavinia Trifan Pop, Ionuţ Popescu, Xenia Pamfil, Cristiana Călin, Octavian Curoșu and Alexandru Ciubotariu.

Below are some of the stories we are talking about
– The Hunchbacked Horse (radio adaptation by Victor Frunză after a Russian fairy tale, Radio Romania recording from 1964)
– Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll, Adaptation and dramatization by Felicia Mărgineanu, Radio Romania recording from 1968 )
– Sinbad the sailor’s incredible voyages on water (screenplay and artistic direction: Marin Traian, Radio Romania recording from 1969)
– Ali Baba and the 40 thieves (Dramatization and radio adaptation by Marin Traian, Art direction: Dan Puican, Recording Radio Romania from 1965)
– The Disobedient Rooster (by Ion Lucian, Radio Romania Recording from 1961)
– Greuceanu (by Petre Ispirescu, radio adaptation by Călin Gruia, Radio Romania Recording from 1964)
– Books with Apolodor (by Gellu Naum, Radio Romania Recordings from 1998 and 2013)
– The story of the pig (by Ion Creangă, Radio adaptation by Emil Ganciu, Radio Romania recording from 1964)
– Ţugulea (by Petre Ispirescu, Dramateurization and radio adaptation: Grigore Băjenaru, Radio Romania Recording from 1964)
– Neghiniţă (by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, Radio Adaptation and Artistic Direction: Constantin Moruzan, Recording from 1967)
– Harap-Alb (by Ion Creangă, Radio Screenplay by Vasile Mănuceanu, Recording from 1964)
– The Shoeless Cat (by Charles Perrault, radio adaptation by Marin Traian, Radio Romania recording from 1970)
– David Copperfield (by Charles Dickens, radio script by Horia Lovinescu, Recording from 1954)
– Tartarin of Tarascon (by Alphonse Daudet , radio adaptation by Octavian Sava and Alexandru Otti, Radio Romania Recording from 1951),
– The Adventures of Ulysses (by Homer, radio script by Felix Aderca, Radio Romania Recording from 1954)
– The Adventures of Cipollino (by Gianni Rodari, Radio Adaptation by Dan Tărchilă, Radio Romania Recording from 1960)
– The Invisible Man (by H.G.Wells, Artistic Direction and Radio Adaptation Titi Acs, Recording Radio Romania from 1956)
– Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain, Artistic direction and radio adaptation: Mihai Zirra, Radio Romania recording from 1953).